Nottingham Cultural Framework consultation

Consultation across the city to explore whether fresh cultural outlooks can bring new ideas, projects and dynamism to the city.
WP_20170118_17_16_12_Pro ab0215h.jpg
The Meadows event was of course able to draw on the success of the Meadows Story Poles, the Friends of Meadows Library and the Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens.
Nottingham’s stories were also celebrated, although perhaps need to be hardened up from Nottingham led the fight to early democracy (Luddites, Chartists) to why that should mean higher elector registration and turnout.
Perhaps one interesting project could be to make art and flowers bring the to-be-pedestrianised Collin Street be an attraction in its own right.

One bizarre distraction was BBC tv East Midlands Today turning up to ask about a  pedestrian being knocked over by the tram.  I was fetched out and could only say I didn’t know anything about what appears in the end to have been a minor incident.


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