City centre news – January 2017

A range of issues are ongoing in the city centre:
from the major – the renewal of Broadmarsh shopping centre and the direction of traffic further south of the city centre, to the day-to-day, which includes more begging on the streets, more rough sleeping and more strutting with cars.  Some reports of progress on the begging, not least through even more knowledge of who is taking part and because of £100,000 extra spend to help people in need, announced in November.

Bus changes.
The CityLink 2 is re-named Ecolink on January 30th and on the return to its city centre loop, it will be re-directed with a stop on Belward Street (serving Barker Gate, opposite the bowling alley).  The CentreLink takes over part of the role of CityLink 1, with a new electric bus fleet running between Victoria Centre, Broadmarsh and then Queens Drive park & ride (with a new NCT Navy 49 running to Boots.)

Central Library. 
A new / renewed library was promised in the 2015 Labour manifesto and the current preferred plan for a new building behind existing (grade protected) façade.
The council can make a deal with a developer whereby the developer takes the risk of providing a new building, and the council gets a new library (towards the rear) and can make further money from taking on the role of finding occupants for the proposed new office space (grade A space that the city centre is short of).
However, the council is seeking to offer another option of offering a different location when consultation begins, perhaps in a couple of months time.
Campaigners for Central Library are asking people to show their support by visiting and using the facility..

Some concern expressed about the concentration of people throughout the city centre Christmas Fair.
Next, we look forward to Light Night on February 10th (  ).


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