Full council – January 2017

A lot of issues discussed. In summary –
– European victory of Nottingham Panthers celebrated;
– progress of Robin Hood Energy celebrated;
consultation on the council’s selective private landlord licensing scheme started on this very day and our intent to boost the quality of homes re-stated;
progress on breastfeeding in Nottingham – higher than many areas – celebrated (see Dave Mellen speaking);
cuts to schools – the first cuts in cash since the mid-nineties – was highlighted;
– the CBI’s celebration of Nottingham’s economic outlook was celebrated;
– the need for more grade A office space in Nottingham, and near the railway station, was rehearsed;
– the serious matter of NUH hospitals issuing black alerts on A&E admissions was rehearsed;  the Conservative government are adding a 3% surplus to this year’s council tax increase to provide extra social care;
– an independent update to Councillors’ allowances was accepted;
– a declaration on alcohol use and abuse was adopted; the Conservatives argued against – on trade and business grounds;  but aspects of the argument were strange – a derision of “Jeremy Corbyn and Nottingham Labour’s fixation with Marxism and Leninism” (yep, those Labour Councillors, many of who voted for Owen Smith, and even Liz Kendall the year before); a pejorative use of the word “do-gooder”, something even Margaret Thatcher withdrew when asked “didn’t she want people to do good?”;
– a motion to support a network of Super Kitchens aimed at making meals from food supermarkets would otherwise chuck, in a social setting; one of their vans was in the Old Market Square afterwards to celebrate the initiative and show the kind of meals provided.
A full meeting, but the tone of the Conservatives was again off.

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