Planning committee December 2016

Interesting development from Nottingham Trent University for their Confetti campus which is bordered by Parliament Street, Convent Street, Huntingdon Street and Beck Street.
The campus provides education in media technology.
There’s a need for more space and a clearer, more emphatic entrance to the collection of buildings.
So, a 6 storey building, clad in weathering steel, varied in colour with some holes for decoration.
I expressed concern that the patterns in the steel seem neither interesting or pertinent, could do more to pick up on the horizontal lines of neighbouring buildings, could do more with the eaves, that the black brick that emphasises the metal is nevertheless too dark and that the public space (pavements) under the overhanging building needs active management, including proper lighting.
But it would be nice to see such a steel building on the city centre and the building was approved subject to another review of the detail, decoration and colour of brick.

Meanwhile, a mosque already approved for development in Sneinton, has been approved again with an updated design including the use of Portland stone and marble.

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