Old Market Square Christmas Lights switch on 2016

Watching the lights switch on from the Council House balcony, with the Lord Mayor and Sheriff of Nottingham, plus Paralympic medal winners Ollie Hynds and Charlotte Henshaw.


Ward Walk – November 2016


Simply walked around the Bridgeway Centre, hearing about progress on tackling anti-social behaviour and reviewing a ranges of proposals for removing trees, cos of death, cramping, or blockage to street light and views.  A new plan for the trees of the northern car park has been produced for comment (see above).

Bridgeway Centre has a number of wider issues.
total list looks like –

  1. deterring hanging around in dark alleyways;
  2. improving views of CCTV, either by clearing trees, or by raising the cameras;
  3. tidying & utilising the green area to the immediate west of Bridgeway Hall, incl. poss. removal of self-set Rowan tree;
  4. a new vision for the north car park with better mixture of trees;
  5. better advertisement of Bridgeway shopping centre, including additional signage off Sheriff’s Way;
  6. better co-operation between traders so as to promote centre more effectively;
  7. re-introduction of café (on the way) and re-use of empty half-supermarket (strong lead);
  8. fuller use of Bridgeway Hall;
  9. dedicated use of north car park for visitors to the medical centre and to the shops;
  10. protection of all car parks, especially once parking permits kick in for most of the New Meadows in December;
  11. introduction of NCT Navy 3 and LocalLink 1 to Arkwright Walk and at grade bus stops, possibly in September 2017 (???);
  12. attracting trade from re-introduction of housing along Arkwright and Blackstone; and in future from land north of Healy Close;

More points to add, no doubt.  But probably need some kind of public consultation meeting.

Planning committee – November 2016

My thanks to the Nottingham Post for reporting on today’s committee and their rejection of the design for new apartments for Arkwright Walk; twinged with a tad of resentment cos they were late for the committee, and so missed the statement I made as a ward Councillor.
Resentment apart, please take the opportunity to visit their web-site to read the article – some melodraarkwright-walk-15588612-largematic things were said.
My points were that we’d hopes for creating landmarks for the parade we’re re-opening between the railway station and Trent Bridge, the cricket ground and the football ground.
And whilst there were a number of distinctive features to the apartments, I merely asked if they were handsome enough for such a prestigious route.
Meanwhile the committee had to accept a proposal for a trampolice park, even though it’s way off any public transport route; and we finally accepted the DG offices on Queens Road, which had been made conditional because we are so anxious for the Southern Relief Route as it gets ready to take the traffic that uses Collin Street.
Locally Listed Heritage Assetsnottingham-local-heritage-asset-list-image1-ab0640h
The meeting finished with an intention to list buildings of signficance to Nottingham that don’t qualify for national recognition (a.k.a. listed status).
Consultation begins on what the criteria should be, such as age, rarity, purpose of building, visual amenity, historic association …

Food for Life: Greenfields awarded Gold

A celebration of the end of a two-year phase of Food for Life, aimed at giving primary and secondary school pupils and their families the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to cook, grow and enjoy good quality, affordable food, and to use healthy school meals as a way to improve nutrition for school children.
Greenfields school have reached gold standard.  (I was at a launch event there last year.)
Currently 40 schools have been involved, and I met teams from Our Lady (Bulwell) and St.Augustine’s (Belle Vue).
One of the founders of the project prompted the idea whilst working at a Nottinghashire village school and has recently been recognised by BBC Radio 4 for her influence.

Wanting to go home at half-time

Sheff U blocked their own certain first goal.
They took the lead anyway.
They got a penalty with one of ours sent off, when our defender got to the ball.
They missed the penalty.
They got a second goal, dominated and we had a second sent off – chasing a ball running away from him.
For the first time in 44 years, I was thinking of leaving at half time.
We got a corner in the second half (taken Sherringham style; see photo) but Dodd’s effort was cleared.
But essentially the ball was just outside our own box, with miss after miss.
And then we got a break, a throw in, a cross and Dodds scored.
For the last 15 minutes, we had hopes of an equaliser.