Fidel Castro dies

A range of reactions to Fidel Castro’s death.
How to react brings reminders of the debate over how to deal with, work with, China or any other state that does not embrace a free society.
And to remember what preceeded Castro – to which the movie Godfather II gives some form.
I went on holiday to Cuba (1997  I think) and I did feel that people were not free and that it showed.
So I’m not sure about lines such as “loved by the left”.  The Independent has listed the main charges against his denial of freedomA Guardian article offers a wider perspective.  And his life story is dramatic.
The challenge then is how to work for the conditions that let freedom ring.
Meanwhile, what a great quote from 1973.  If you’re gonna give 9 hour speeches, you’re gonna make a gem every once in a while.  Ironic then that when Barack Obama did come to Cuba, Fidel Castro wouldn’t meet him.

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