Ward Walk – November 2016


Simply walked around the Bridgeway Centre, hearing about progress on tackling anti-social behaviour and reviewing a ranges of proposals for removing trees, cos of death, cramping, or blockage to street light and views.  A new plan for the trees of the northern car park has been produced for comment (see above).

Bridgeway Centre has a number of wider issues.
total list looks like –

  1. deterring hanging around in dark alleyways;
  2. improving views of CCTV, either by clearing trees, or by raising the cameras;
  3. tidying & utilising the green area to the immediate west of Bridgeway Hall, incl. poss. removal of self-set Rowan tree;
  4. a new vision for the north car park with better mixture of trees;
  5. better advertisement of Bridgeway shopping centre, including additional signage off Sheriff’s Way;
  6. better co-operation between traders so as to promote centre more effectively;
  7. re-introduction of café (on the way) and re-use of empty half-supermarket (strong lead);
  8. fuller use of Bridgeway Hall;
  9. dedicated use of north car park for visitors to the medical centre and to the shops;
  10. protection of all car parks, especially once parking permits kick in for most of the New Meadows in December;
  11. introduction of NCT Navy 3 and LocalLink 1 to Arkwright Walk and at grade bus stops, possibly in September 2017 (???);
  12. attracting trade from re-introduction of housing along Arkwright and Blackstone; and in future from land north of Healy Close;

More points to add, no doubt.  But probably need some kind of public consultation meeting.


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