Area 8 committee November 2016

Area 8 committee –  stressed continued focus on tackling drug trading related issues; a write-up on roles of the various uniformed officers.

Quite a bit of stuff picked up from public meetings etc. in the last few days.  News & reports –
– Central Library; a statement is available at  .
OMTRA AGM –  – good meeting; plenty of casework collected; as it happens, we think we have 2 spare benches we can find for along Bathley Street;
full council  – continued concern that mentally ill people are being treated badly by the benefits system; if you think you know of someone, make sure they know about MAG;
– cuts – looking like £25 million for next year in our ability to spend on services; not sure we convey this strongly enough;
– Bridgeway shopping centre –
trees: reviewing them again on Monday morning;
– half empty supermarket: officers have received an offer than will see rent paid;
– café: a preferred supplier won on the basis of the quality of their bid; possibly start in February?
Remembrance Sunday
– Arkwright Walk; work around Crocus Fields is now progressing well; Planning committee consider designs for new housing here, and on Blackstone Walk, next Wednesday; ; some changes made since public consultation;

My case number is circa 1770, serving around 737 clients.


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