NeMTRA public meeting – November 2016

Parks, development and crime were the big issues.

* The Green
£40k grant has been won; consultation ongoing about the best kiddies play equipment.
* Queens Walk Rec
5 year plan under consultation. Volunteers have kept the bowling green to the best standard ever. The wild flowers had been re-seeded. The Ping table tennis had not been a success. A tennis wall has been installed.  Access had been improved.

* Police Station site
An NCH homes scheme proposed; currently 4 stories high; design to be discussed further.
* Clifton Miners’ Welfare site
City Council trying to buy site; 18-20 bungalows planned.
* Arkwright and Blackstone
Keepmoat are submitting the designs to Planning committee on the 24th.
Note, owners of the Riverway pub are seeking people to run it.
* Arkwright full length access
Works for a cycling and walking route has begun.
Design will prepare ground for supporting bus services – the NCT 3 and LocalLink 1.
CCTV coverage – the camera pole allows views along Arkwright and Kirkewhite, so I am suggesting it is not moved.  Am reviewing whether trees canopies unduly block the view.

* Crime
Up 4% year to date, but change in counting methodology explains that.
Four streets are the focus of drug dealing issues. Police are aware.
Domestic burglary has gone up from 18 to 32.
* Dog mess
Subject of many complaints.
* Motorbiking
Subject of many complaints.

* Parking permits
Housing data ready on Tuesday, and aiming to start in December, but there are some technical problems.
Asking for public transport operators to seek passengers at the time of change.
* NCT Navy bus service 49
Starts on January 30th.


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