America, please …

Vote for Hillary Clinton.
There is a world of difference between the politics, character, demeanour and record of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
hillary-vs-donald-0-all-issues-ad1603hThat they are standing in the same election and going through the same processes invites thoughts of equivalence.
But Donald Trump –
– has conducted himself during Miss Teen competitions that casts doubts on whether he could pass the safeguarding checks now required in Britain;
– will give to the rich, (and thus take from the poor); using economic ideas such as “trickle down” that have failed before;
– has exported jobs and runs Atlantic City casinos at a loss;
– has campaigned using fear of foreigners and minority ethnic groups.
Hugh Laurie, after expressing concern about commentating on an American election as a  British guest, called Trump – “unspeakable” and “astounding”.

And the nonsense that it’s Hhillary_clinton_youngillary who isn’t popular – get real – these out and out right-wingers would work up stuff on any candidate against Donald Trump.
This is a chance to see a “super smart” woman who has given her life to public service and is experienced at very high levels to smash through a very significant “glass ceiling”.

In Oliver Stone’s “Nixon”, Rockerfeller says –
Every time the Republican party is a home to extremism, we lose the God damn election.
— Hope this prove to be right —

(For those who want a more “objective” and “balanced” comparison, see graphic).


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