Notts Police and Crime Panel November 2016

Main themes –
– cuts in budget and cuts in service numbers;
– keeping an eye on sickness levels;
– greater co-operation (and some) with Leicestershire and Northamptonshire;
– a check of the 101 service has triggered after lobbying by co-Councillor Nicola Heaton;
– Inspectorate’s criticisms of financial control;
– £230,000 cost of the EDL march.

Attempts to catch Paddy off guard are fruitless as he not only demonstrates knowledge of his brief at Police Commissioner, but he’s often already taken matters further at regional and national level.
– – – – – –
Service Numbers.
Now 1,900 after being 2,022 when Paddy took over;  retirements of 100 by end of March, means 60 new officers can be recruited, and efforts will be made to improve the balance with more Black and Minority Ethnic officers.
Slightly surprised that a figure of 1,680 as a minimum possible establishment has been calculated, since there has to be a debate about what constitutes a minimum service.
– – – – – –
Wider Co-operation.
The alliance proposed is not as ambitious as it was a few months back.
There seems though an opportunity for a new control centre, and as part of that idea, Paddy Tipping has asked for a check on the 101 service, which Cllr. Nicola Heaton has been expressing concerns about.
– – – – – –
Managing costs.
The Inspectorate report published last week criticised financial control – a point that Paddy and the Chief had acknowledged.
Chagrine that the inspectorate had not acknowledged progress made this year, where the risk now might even be underspending this year.
There has been a turnover of key staff on financial management.
Regarding the EDL march, continued disagreement as I’ve queried the resources deployed and the consequent cost (which are now published at £230,000) but I keep being challenged over how the march had to happen.  However, the event and the policing of it has been reviewed and I can only hope that the cost of deployment will be more explicitly assessed during any future requirment.


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