Buses for The Meadows

IMG_3902 ab0533h SW bus stop ME32 and Robin Hood ticket machine.jpg
A Robin Hood ticket machine has been installed on Sheriff’s Way.
I use the ticket myself, cos I use public transport off and on, so the flexibility the pass offers (NCT, Trent Barton and NET) provides value and convenience.
For people with more regular travel patterns, other passes offer better value.
Four bus routes pass through The Meadows – Queens Drive (CityLink 1), Robin Hood Way (NCT 48), Wilford Grove (NCT 11) and Meadows Way East (NCT Navy 2, 3 & 4; and NCT Green 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10; LocalLink 1; Trent Barton and Paul James services).
We are planning a fifth – Arkwright Walk, with stops serving Bridgeway Shopping Centre at grade.  Most likely, the services that will transfer will be the NCT Navy 2 and 3, and LocalLink 1.  (This is probably a year away)
NCT 48 no longer sustains the frequency sought just before the tram services were introduced, but is still popular.
Interestingly, CityLink 1 – city centre to the Clifton Washlands Park & Ride via Queens Drive has been attracting more passngers to the offices in the ‘ng2’enterprise zone, although its stopping nature has deterred users of the park & ride site.
So, on January 30th NCT are to run a new commercial service, the NET Navy 49 which will serve the existing route, except the small detour to the Park & Ride site.
Meanwhile, the free CentreLink service – electic buses running from Victoria Centre to the Broadmarsh – will extend to the Park & Ride site as an express 10 minute serive, using Meadows Way West as its route in.  However, such is the premium being put on it being an express service, that it will not stop en-route.
Meanwhile, Clifton Washlands will from December host the recharging points for the electric bus fleet. Welbeck school will be supporting the opening event.
For now, and the future, bus use is better for the environment and keeps the road netwrok freer.  Its capacity may well need to grow as the price of hydrocarbon fuels continues to grow in the long-term, so we should sustain the bus lanes that give buses the advantage that can persuade the car-borne commuter to switch.


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