New lighting on Victoria Embankment


Switched on 2 days previous.
Set for 15 minutes before dusk and half past midnight; then for 5am (or 15 minutes before dawn).
The gap at night is cos some people have asked for less light spill at night (although these lamps direct the light vey well)  and for the benefit of bats.
42 lamps, each of 35W drawing 5 amps with average 8 hour use per day leading to 20 year lifespan.
Fresh grass seeding has taken well in the mild Autumn, but there are some snagging works to be done.
The scheme is expected to help cyclists and walkers, and we’ve certainly received doorstep concerns about walking to work in the dark.
The lampheads are 21st century technology, but have an Edwardian style.
The afternoon review was part of the handover process.
Fuller photos available in Facebook.


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