New routes, housing, play equipment and lighting in The Meadows

Further to the end of month report, more detail regarding Bridgeway Shopping Centre, proposed housing developments in the ward, news on playing equipment for The Green and on Victoria Embankment.


Bridgeway Shopping Centre
is more open following the removal of the metalwork. The cafe could well be back in use within some weeks and we are still seeking tenants for the empty half of the Co-op supermarket – and the council needs the rent.

Arkwright Street is being opened up as a through route for walkers and cyclists; and preparations will also further prepare the route for NCT to run their Navy 2 & 3 services through The Meadows, along with the LocalLink L1 electric bus service. Main aims are to provide more residents with some services that are more acessible and to provide bus stops near Bridgeway Shopping Centre.

The high demand for new housing is driving developments at –
– London Road Island (70-odd apartments for private renting by Monk Estates;  granted planning permission in September);
– Arkwright Walk and Blackstone Walk (a mixture of owner-occupied flats and semi-detached & terraced housing by Keepmoat; due to go to planning committee in November);
– at the south end of Wilford Crescent East, housing on the former Trent Works site  (25 or so properties) and the conversion of Mundella House (12 or so); by Blueprint, designs were to go to committee again in December, but this may be delayed.
Worth remembering that long-standing plans envisage hundreds of new properties in The Meadows (along Crocus Street) and beyond (east of Meadow Lane).

The council is exploring options for 22 or so apartments on the site of the closed police station and around the former miners’ welfare club.

The west of The Meadows has been without proper playing equipment for a while and the good news is that the charity that allocates development money for such projects has now endorsed the project for The Green with an offer of £40k.  Consultation is underway on the layout of the equipment and we hope to have the equipment available in March.

Parks are also working on improving Victoria Embankment, and further to the new Meadows Cricket Pavilion and the recently set out tree trail in the Memorial Gardens, the newly installed lighting along the carriageway may be brought into operation on Thursday.

General concerns over lack of money in people’s pockets remain. Also concerns regarding crime (not as such reflected in the official statistics) and (for want of a better term) strutting behaviour.

Further cuts to the City Council’s budget next year of £20-£25 million will also mean bad news breaking over public services in January.


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