A woman on a repeated train journey

Yeah, kinda thought that all those tweets meant the Ken Loach film was on this week. So hadn’t really read up “The Girl on the Train” and kinda assumed it’ld be something supporters of mass transport would kinda like.  And to be fair, those shots of the train running between a lake and some fairly big houses are great.
But it turns out that it evolves into a consideration of a women with a drink problem, and then into a whodunnit.
And the youtube critics are kinda critical cos it takes to long to get to the whodunnit – wrong.
Yes, it’s another piece from the crime genre, and yes, onece again, you have to suspend a bit of belief to allow the plot to work.
But it’s different and it works.
So only quibble really is the title, hence my less metaphorical suggestion above.


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