Bridge ward monthly report 60

Some happy times.
A new fire station in The Meadows.  Community Gardens event.  Indian food stall holders.
Robin Hood marathon races.  Literacy medal awards at Central and in The MeadowsRepairs to Meadows Library brought forward. Touring The Council House with FoMLSupporting Nottingham Central Womens Aid.
A video celebrating green progress in The Meadows and the Green Festival.
£1m announced for updating of Galleries of Justice.

But challenges continue.

Motor vehicles used for strutting in the city centre.  An increase in rough sleepers.
Plenty of casework from a NeMTRA public meeting and a ward walk.
Reports of too many children (including 3 year olds) having rotten teeth.
Police working very hard.
Education policy to focus on segregation at 11.
The NHS being driven into deficit.
A Parliamentary boundaries review ignoring the number of people who live in places.
Committing to Hinkley Point C.
New challenges from consequences of voting to leave European Union.
Bewilderment that Donald Trump is even close.

City Centre Forum discussed new arts projects in the city centre and plans to promote cycling.  On the same day, a lorry driver was found guilty for an accident that killed a cyclist 16 months ago.
Wrote in support of flats proposed for the former petrol station at London Road Island, which seeks to reflect the architecture of the Lace Market.

1742 issues logged for chasing since being elected as a Bridge ward Councillor.
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