Three opportunities for consensus struck out by Nottingham Conservatives

Horrendous; bemusing and appalling.
Full council, and after questions Councillor Wendy Smith moves a motion supporting WASPI, with their campaigners looking on from the public gallery.
Nottingham Conservatives had an amendment, except when asked by the Lord Mayor to announce it, didn’t; then when they did announce it, saved the Lord Mayor of having to rule it out by presenting an amendment that was out of order cos it merely negated the motion.
Finally they offended the cross party WASPI campaign by voting against the motion, possibly out of pique.
The Conservative leader didn’t quite recover from the fiasco, choosing to leave the meeting not long after.
The Sheriff of Nottingham had been working with Mojatu Foundation, a group campaigning against Female Genital Mutilation.
And the campaign group were delighted with the final outcome.
But in-between, Nottingham Conservatives moved an amendment to suggest they were more hardline on the issue.
The mover condemning Labour for a quarter of councillors missing, when their leader (i.e. one-third) had now left.
And then, having lost their amendment, they split over voting for the main motion.
So one of them walked out in protest.
Final motion of the day
A third motion with the potential for cross-party unity – celebrating British success in the Rio Olympics.
Except Nottingham Conservatives were moving what seemed a central HQ motion. So 2 amendments were agreed, one from Labour that the Conservatives couldn’t agree with, and then a Conservative amendment that Labour could agree with.
Except, now the Conservative mover was alone and needed a Labour Councillor to second – and Jon Collins had to step in.
Cos you don’t want the council to fail to celebrate Olympic success, do you?

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