Corbyn in The Meadows

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign has launched their energy and climate change national policy at The Meadows Library.

The Meadows was chosen because of Nottingham’s green and energy initiativesa lot being made of Robin Hood Energy which celebrates its first birthday today – and because of the green initiatives within The Meadows – new eco / energy efficient homes, MOzES (a local energy services company) and Project SENSIBLE (an EU project for which the local component is exploring the use of batteries to store electricity before transmitting it back out to the national power network).
No doubt the policy and the speech (which was read) will become available in full elsewhere.
The event itself was a press conference and 6 journalists attended.  Their questions prompted unscripted chat and a different kind of interest.
* BBC East Midlands quoted the GMB as saying this new policy won’t keep the lights on.  This view is a bit disappointing, given insulation has the potential to reduce the need for something like Hinckley Point C which is some years away and going to cost a lot of money and will supply energy at a high price.  Insulation in Nottingham has made people feel prouder of their homes, reduced fuel bills and given people work.
* The Press Association asked why this issue had been driven down the agenda.  Jeremy said this always happens, until there is a crisis, and then panic measures are brought forward.  Alan Simpson said with climate change, crises were going to become the new norm.
* The Guardian (check) asked given the cost of the green initiatives, why an emphasis on being world leaders on climate change, especially given the new resolve of the USA and China. Here, some acknowledgement that Britain had under Labour provided a world leadership role, but there is a desire to be ambitious about this.
* Notts TV wondered if deprived families hadn’t got other priorities than sustainability.  Rather like Lilian Greenwood in Clifton, Jeremy had found that people in his constituency were very interested once their homes had been improved and their fuel bills were down.
* Bloomberg asked whether Robin Hood Energy was seen as the blueprint.  Jeremy said he was impressed, but I noticed the potential to misunderstand RHE as green, when the limit to the tariffs it can currently offer means it doesn’t yet offer a green package.
* The Nottingham Post asked whether Jeremy was going to catch the tram to attend his rally at The Forest.  He wasn’t, but he had used the Nottingham tram before, and he also wanted to celebrate the buses in Nottingham.  (Kinda disappointing from the N Post – we all have events to get to in circumstances that mean we can’t use the greenest option – just a trite point.)
* Scisco Media asked about population growth.
A bit doubtful about these policy statements are something that should distinguish leadership candidates that much since policy is something that the party should determine.
Jeremy then went on to address a rally at The Forest


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