Notts Police and Crime Panel September 2016

Long and off-the-cuff explanations by Paddy Tipping (Police and Crime Commissioner) and Chief Constable Sue Fish on approaches to –
– balancing the budget in a year made difficult by the Conservative government cuts; (and more cuts next year);
– tackling the recent growth in knife crime (ChCo Fish having served nationally on this issue);
– hate crime and why it isn’t being reported enough; and the startling media reaction to treating misogyny as a hate crime:
– failure to recruit and promote enough BME and women officers;
– progress of cost sharing across 3 Police forces;
– making IT systems serve policing effectively;
– recruiting a new Chief Constable.

Despite the many concerns about policing in the city raised by  City Councillors, including Leslie Ayoola (attending as a substitute), Paddy re-asserted that the city has the fastest falling rates of crime of anywhere in the country.

I asked about the cost of policing the EDL demo and was surprised that this was interpreted as challenging the decision to allow their demonstration to take place; I was more concerned about whether £200,000 or so really had to be spent and what reviews are being made about the cost.

Difficult to sum up a meeting that was working hard to discuss issues in some ‘width’.  Educational, but a clear sense of purpose and focus to the next steps that are needed.

Meadows point – can a way be found to get out of the Riverside Police Station PFI deal?

The N Post was to feature on the fresh recruitment.


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