Green progress

The climate change deal between the USA and China is another step forward.
(Although some are warning it’s not ambitious enough.)

And last month, Nottingham City Council announced that the level of CO2 emissions from the city has exceeeded the 2020 target the city set for itself. (See also.)

This builds on green achievements made and published just before the 2015 city council elections.   [See panel.]

Our portfolio holder gives a further progress report to overview and scrutiny on Wednesday, 7th.
Labour in Parliament has an opposition day debate on climate change on the same day.

Then, there’s the Green Festival on Sunday, 11th.

201503xx Labour green achievements ab0591hLabour’s big green achievements include –
– pioneering bus priority measures, such as bus lanes in the ’70s, and using a range of measures made possible by the 1997 Labour Government to start increasing bus patronage after years of decline; (park & ride was trialled here in the ’70s);
– pioneering free bus travel for older people and the less mobile, sustaining services, and made easier by maintaining public ownership of the major local bus company;
– working in partnership with the County Council to re-open train services along the Robin Hood Line, which serves Mansfield and Bulwell;  and recently contributing to the upgrade of Nottingham Midland station;
– introducing the second major UK congestion charging scheme, the first Workplace Parking Levy scheme, which has contributed to a fall in congestion and which a number of cities are now exploring to copy; and which means improvements in transport are paid for by commuters rather than general ratepayers;
– the most successful light rail transit scheme in the UK, expanded last year and taking traffic off the A52 and the A453;
– introduction of the Robin Hood Travel smart card that enables passage on the tram and 2 different bus operators, cheaper than other on the day packages;
– decades of taking heat from waste before landfill, and using the heat to provide lower price energy to the city centre and communities in St.Ann’s and Sneinton;
– external insulation for properties in Clifton, Lenton Abbey and elsewhere, making people’s homes more comfortable and more attractive; after years of driving on loft and cavity wall insulation throughout the city;
– directly helping solar panels to be installed on over 3,000 properties;
– providing lower price energy using a council owned business – Robin Hood Energy – whose income is ploughed back into lower prices, and have amongst the cheapest pre-payment schemes;
– giving national profile for the drive for tackling climate change through the Nottingham Declaration for Local Government’s action on climate change;
– planning policies to reduce the need to travel, and to encourage walking and cycling; to require greener buildings, including in the newest council housing;
– warmer homes through the decent homes programmes for council housing;
– energy efficient street lighting;
– simple recycling (mainly doorstep) available to every household in the city, with big efforts made to avoid contamination.

Also –
– Biggest municipal electric vehicle fleet;
– Captured funding for 100 more electric vehicle charging points;
– Solar panels at two leisure centre car parks;
– Attracted funding for clean air zone;
– Promoted free boiler replacement for eligible households funded from energy company profits;
– SCORE and WISE projects for school education in energy and waste.

A green outlook is needed and brings a new dimension to economic, social and political progress.


Other news of progress by Nottingham City Council.


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