Inappropriate on the road

The most striking thing about watching sometimes inappropriate humour with sometimes inappropriate lines in the cinema is realising that sometimes people in the audience laugh inappropriately.
David Brent’s Life on the Road is getting some criticism
and it’s striking that in watching the promotional interviews (on youtube) the excerpts are funnier cos they’re not part of a first hour of relentless inappropriateness and defeat.  Ricky Gervais celebrates David Brent cos he keeps trying but the film would have been a tad better if Brent had a few more small victories along the way.
The interviews are interesting cos Ricky Gervais repeatedly makes telling points about the awfulness of reality television and the impact it may be having on culture.  Best moment was from an interview with LBC where their presenter joins in on the criticism of people who get media roles cos they have a track record for being inapproprite (irony or satire?).
Ricky Gervais wonders where this is all going and makes points about Donald Trump being a sympton of the problem.  Maybe we need an intiative to resist it all.


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