Scoreless at halftime

Sunderland fans crossing our paths after the match were gracious enough to say Salop had been unlucky.
IMG_1864ba0390h Ogogo on Salop at Sunderland 14064224_1062938607130668_5319848697931780953_n
They were kinda right – we’d dominated in the second-half, mainly though through the inspiring tactic of giving the ball away and then robbing it back from them, leaving them unorganised for what followed.
Now people who know football will say – “that can’t be right” – but I don’t have the knowledge to exxplain a strategy that sees us strive for scoreless at half-time and then re-organise to dominate after.
But it’s to no avail of you can’t create killer opportunities, and whilst I’ve seen one missed in the last minute at both Coventry City, and now at Sunderland, in truth, it doesn’t justify “unlucky”.
Still up against Premiership players (albeit 6 of them second team – David Moyes had the grace to say his first choices were injured), Salop did well, and certainly looked upset at the final whistle.
IMG_1862cb0509h Salop at Sunderland WP_20160824_19_51_11_Pro
Only problem from the heights above the cloud, the game does look incredibly slow.


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