A cheap date at the Stadium of Light

IMG_1858cb0358h Sund SoL WP_20160824_19_16_09_Pro (2)
Salop haven’t visited Sunderland for some time, and the scale of the Stadium of Light is a surprise.

Visible for some distance, including from the Queen Alexandra Bridge which I came across whilst trying to work out the matchday park & ride services – which is actually a really good service, and free.
Indeed, Salop’s poor drawing power meant the match fee was only £10 and the programme only £2 – so just a cheap date in Sunderland.
IMG_1862gb0291h mist at Sunderland WP_20160824_20_08_48_Pro
Away fans watch the game from quite high up and the mist from the Wearmouth was actually below us during the game.
The seating throughout the stadium is a faded red, and the surprise is that the stadium is already nearly 19 years old.
IMG_1859bb0413h Sund SoL Bob Stokoe
Outside, it’s very unthreatening and there was pre-match entertainment laid on.  Thankfully, Salop fans didn’t respond to requests from the M.C. to show their presence – we’d have had to sing “China in your hand”.


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