Liking Facebook is not enough in days like these

So what do you do when a movement for “popular administration and control” isn’t popular?
Well, “what do we have on the spaceship that’s good?”  But unlike Apollo 13, survival is not enough for the Labour Party.
Nevertheless, half a million party members.  And 4,000 strong rallies.  A vigorous social media presence.  And web-sites you can trust for the news.

The Tory’s days are numbered“.
A bit unfair to pick on one person’s excitement in posting on the Corbyn rally in Kilburn (& we can ignore the grammatical mistake) and to pick on another’s enthusiasm in sharing the post with me, but what is the process whereby rallies such as these leads to the Conservative party no longer being effective?
What are the stages, or the tests by which we know we’re making progress?
Will it be reaching parity with the Conservatives in the polls? And then taking the lead? Progress in Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity with the public (from minus 41 points, or minus 35 even)? With Corbyn supporters seeking credit for the London Mayoral victory, will it be Labour holding the county councils we currently have next May? Will it be the new members being seen to win people over in numbers on the doorstep, on the phone, in the communities and at places of work? Will it be public opinion changing to say they now prefer REMAIN?
Just how does it all pan out?
Remember the Chilcot report that says – you should be able to predict the consequences of your policy.
Oh, but Owen Smith can’t summon rallies like what Corbyn can. 
But these kinds of numbers for rallies were achieved last year, including in Nottingham. Since then, Labour has been less popular than a chronically split Conservative party that’s been making unpopular decisions in majority power (and despite growing problems in the delivery of public services, including the NHS and falling numbers of Police). And we’ve at best scraped a draw in local government elections, and lost the EU referendum for reactionary reasons. With the new supporters invisible.
So how does this get converted into something that has wide popular support?
Cos so far, it’s not been working.


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