Labour Leadership hustings on BBC at Trent Uni

Applied to go but failed the audition.

But the first hour was lost to how toxic the Labour party is so it was not great viewing.
The toxic nature of meetings is breaking into the media – e.g. a meeting in Leicester where one new member was booed and another who’d never voted Labour before spoke and then interrupted others and then said he didn’t care how others think he should behave at meetings.

My rights, your responsibilities
Not typical of meetings I’ve been too, but very typical of comments in social media and . , but does hint the very individualist, even liberal, element of the leftist politics (my rights, your responsibilities).  People who said nice things about Corbyn, and have since left, have their quotes used against, with no kind of recognition of how you work in a collective manner.  And then people are criticised for not getting behind the leader.
Owen Smith made a strong point – this kind of anger is fed by the notion that Corbyn is the only Socialist standing for election.

BBCtv debate Narinder CqDUm5tWcAA9ZzRNarinder
My former Branch chair made the most eloquent contribution, covering the range of factors that need to be considered about Trident, and calling for an intelligent getting together to work out a way forward – only to make the mistake of saying Owen Smith wouldn’t win the election, and the presenter moved the discussion on without proper consideration of his points.  A shame.

EU referendum
Owen Smith supporters’ passion came across on the referendum – they feel badly let down by Corbyn on this.
But in their anger, they’re missing a key point.
They say Corbyn didn’t try; Corbyn says he did.  At which point the riposte is not ‘we don’t believe you‘, but should be ‘you’re not good enough then‘.

It’s already clear that some of the neutrals who said they had converted to Corbyn weren’t.  Clear as it as transmitted actually, and examples already being shared in social media – so why do people think they won’t get found out?  And why do the BBC think they can control this?

Surprised that Corbyn was slightly breathless at the beginning and spoke far too quickly (it got better).  Don’t really care whether knew the candidates pop stars and TV presenters.
But was surprised at Corbyn emphasising the potential to win votes from young people who aren’t registering to vote.

It was striking that Owen Smith talked about bringing ISIL to the negotiating table, but remember he was part of the Good Friday negotiations.
Part of any victory over terrorists is when they have to negotiate over the peace that is to be reached.
But Owen did say ISIL were not interested at the moment.
[Amazingly, this is being reported as a gaff.]

Best bits
When Victoria Derbyshire started venturing the Conservtive critiques of the ideas being offered and Owen and Jeremy started arguing back in unison.

“Blairism or Trotskyism”
Of course Jeremy was right not to answer such a silly question.
But to be clear, Blair understands how party politics is the symbol of a free society; Trotskyites don’t.

Finally, an independent assessment of Labour’s recent polling performance.

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