Lilian’s tour of The Meadows and why we need political change

IMG_1593tour l0 d1701h LGMP tour of The Meadows

The day was great and we met a lot of people.
The wider aims of the day start with
– wanting to show our pride in The Meadows;
… and with the art we saw, we saw people’s pride in The Meadows and the city.
– wanting to what we can achieve when the resources are made available,
… new council housing, with greener standards and innovation,
… the cricket pavilion – increasing bookings of the sports pitches;
… but explaining to people how cuts to funds for services are holding us back,
… including the Police.
– wanting to talk with residents, and the youngters too,
… and enjoying the praise for a number of services,
… but taking some stick on lack of progress,
… and hearing concerns about the state of our own political party;
– saying how we have made progress in The Meadows,
… but knowing how the robbery of the Post Office could be another symptom of the potential to lose that progress;
– knowing there is so much we could do, and afford to do,
… but grimacing as we see money given to better off towns, and as tax cuts to corporations, to the wealthier and to the tax evaders and the tax exiles.
Yes, we’ll do the casework and meet people, for its own sake, and because it keeps us grounded,
… but we need political change and we need to start being popular again, winning elections and referenda.


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