Kirkwhite Court meeting

As part of Lilian Greenwood’s tour of The Meadows, NCH helped organise a meeting aimed at residents of Kirkwhite Court, Eugene Gardens and Ryehill Close.
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And I got a bit of a telling off.
Huge frustration at the behaviour of commuters and football supporters regarding parking on Eugene Gardens in particular, and that a residents’ parking scheme might be as far away as November.
Now is the time however for any comments regarding the nature of yellow lines in place.
Concern was expressed about possible lack of enforcement – something Lilian explained was unlikely given the effectiveness of new schemes elsewhere.
Points to pick up once the scheme begins, include whether extra protection is needed for Ryehill Close, and whether extra off-road car parking spaces can be built.

Other issues raised included :
– tree pruning;
– tipping; and cars being dumped;
– dates & plans for Arkwright Street regeneration;
– Brexit : perceptions and realities;
– Crime, ASB and police numbers; and reporting of crime;
– speeding on Meadows Way east.
Loads. So we had to stop after 80 minutes.
A good meeting.  I hope local residents will re-create an East Meadows Residents Association.

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