Anti-fascists easily outnumber EDL

… and St.George, whether in your heart or not, wasn’t English. (He was Palestinian.)

Our Police published the photo of their briefing before events began – they wanted to demonstrate control.   The Counter-demo on the other hand called a rally that was both narrow and on a number of occassions, misspelt.  Not all the supporters’ messages might have been that helpful, but the banner of “solidarity and love” was a fine example of both ideas.

However, key point was they outnumbered the fascists by sommargin and certainly more could have been done if it was needed.

IMG_1493vb0154h WP_20160806_13_54_27_Pro USEIMG_1493yb0164h WP_20160806_13_59_49_Pro USEIMG_1494ab0302h Castle Road police horses USE

I watched the EDL rally from Castle Road to Queen Street and at all times, the Police, with numbers from elsewhere (including Wales and North Yorkshire), were in control.
Huge cost to the public, and it seems Notts people pay.
Paddy Tipping EDL protest police bill Seeing the Police horses does not compensate for that.

Directing the EDL into a pen in Queen Street was almost comical.  Disappointing that some kind of smoke missile was thrown by the EDL, along with full pop bottles and eggs.
The Police closed off the pavement on King Street, and 8 men, dressed as superheroes were turned back. Plainly, the Police felt they didn’t need reinforcements. 

Knowing what I know now, I think some leaflet distribution to people who happen to watch the rally walk past would be useful, some entertaining rebuttals (including “The Last Leg”‘s euphoniums?) would be nice and I think The Beach could have remained open.

At no stage did I think Nottingham people outside of the Old Market Square were intimidated, although we await reports on that.

N Post write-ups available here and here.  An EDL rep said they’d be back without telling the Police next time, but actually, they are much braver behind patrols.
The Left Lion reports 66 EDL marchers, the N Post said 160.  Both report 400 anti-fascists.


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