The Robin Hood Legacy

IMG_1469ab0377h Friar Lane robin hood legacy (2)
Arrived for a political event too early so spent time talking to staff at the new visitor attraction – The Robin Hood Legacy.
Met another new Robin Hood – as passionate as the others – but with interesting ideas given visits to the German city of Hamlin and how they entertain visitors with the story of the Pied Piper.

Also met Friar Tuck, a guide to the tour of Mortimor’s Hole under the castle.  Again, rehearsing how w share the most entertaining stories that Nottingham has to offer.

Met an Amercian family from New Philadelphia and shared some stories. They enjoyed a visit to the new centre.
IMG_1473ab0411h Castle Road philly family  (2)
They also had comments to make about politics – being Trump supporters.
We shared some gentle badinage.
Later, I bumped into them outside the railway station as they we getting ready to travel to Newcastle and to visit Hadrain’s Wall.  I begged them not to use the visit as an inspiration for a new wall across Mexico.


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