Nottingham South nominates Owen Smith

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Close call actually.  28-27-1 on the second ballot.
I had the privilge of the 10 minute slot for Owen Smith, which I duly made special by setting my phone off during the section on Owen Jones.
Quote of the night – “‘Momentum’ are the new Inertia”.  Yep, stuck in the 1920’s.
Pleased to share the platform with Alan Simpson, former Nottingham South MP, who spoke for Jeremy Corbyn.


2 thoughts on “Nottingham South nominates Owen Smith

  1. Rough notes of speech given; but I didn’t read it out, so it’s wasn’t exactly as written here.

    It crosses my mind that a number of you won’t know me, since I’ve only just moved back into Nottingham South.
    But I was Alan Simpson’s campaign organiser in The Meadows in 1987.
    I’ve been an election agent in Nottingham East twice, a parliamentary candidate elsewhere in 2010, been a Councillor for Mapperley, and now The Meadows and the city centre, created the Tiger Squad with John Heppell back in 1997.
    My first General Election was taking poll numbers when I was 13 back in 1974 and I feel very deeply about how we do at General Elections.  

    So do we all I hear you say.
    I remember Neil Kinnock –
    “9th June, 1983. Say to yourselves – Never, ever must we go through that again.”
    But we did.
    Including last year. Calling in at Five Leaves bookshop, 2 days after, I was told how solemn it had all felt. People felt the hurt of the defeat.
    And you do need to remind yourself of how bad it feels.
    Cos it’s all too easy to move on. And we shouldn’t.
    Cos when we win we make a difference.
    And we all know it. Cos that’s why we’re disappointed when we lose.  

    Some people felt the disappointment acutely when we lost the European Union referendum in June.
    A campaign where people were told to turn their back on the experts. A bit like Trump’s doing in America now.
    And we lost. Even in Nottingham.
    But not in The Meadows. Even in the bit most likely to say LEAVE, we won, cos 4 sets of leaflets were delivered through the doors saying Labour supports REMAIN.
    But we were short of campaigners. Despite being a much bigger party.
    It was party policy to REMAIN and to campaign for REMAIN and yet too many people didn’t know where we stood, and Jeremy Corbyn was not effective .
    We deserved better.
    We missed a chance to save the country.

    There is something wrong in the leadership. And surely we all know it.
    Look, there are speeches I’d rather be making tonight.
    Being alongside Alan talking about the potential of what we can achieve, especially on green issues. Especially transport, for which Nottingham has a well deserved and radical record.
    Including a congestion charging for commuters – made possible by a Labour government, that enabled the tram network to be extended throughout Nottingham South.
    Being a Councillor gives me the privilege, and the pleasure, of attacking the Tories face to face in the chamber, six times a year.
    Yet here I am, pitching within my own, for a change of Leader, against someone as capable and experienced and as charming as Alan Simpson.

    But surely, we all know there’s something wrong with the leadership.
    We are teetering on the brink of disaster.
    A disaster that is foreseeable.
    A disaster we can avoid.
    But we have to change the Leader.
    A quote –
    “Labour’s current polling is calamitous. No party has ever won an election with such disastrous polling, or even come close. Historically any party with such terrible polling goes on to suffer a bad defeat.”
    Owen Jones campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn last year, but that’s what he says now.

    Owen Jones knows there’s something wrong with the leadership.
    His criticism comes with the authority of wide and deep inside knowledge of how it’s working.
    Or rather something that’s not working.
    He poses 9 questions. But the answer is clear. We need change.
    His net popularity rating is MINUS 41 POINTS.
    I know it can be hard to understand that if you go to the rallies that are so well attended.
    But in your hearts you know popularity at rallies does not mean you’re going to win a General Election.  

    There’s something wrong in believing popularity within your own means you’re popular in the country.
    Owen Jones has been on the inside and
    He says: there is no clear vision.
    He says: there is no clear media strategy.
    He says : the polices have not changed.
    The economic team that Jeremy Corbyn recruited siad today that they feel ignored.

    Now I understand the instinct especially within the Labour movement is to get behind the Leader.
    But surely you know something is wrong with the leadership of the Labour party?
    Owen goes on to say that the pitch for support from older people, from Scotland and from people who voted Conservative last time is poor.
    Scotland – we’ve just come a terrible third when we were told last year that Jeremy’s appeal was the way to get Scotland back.
    I think Owen understates the problem of winning Conservatives back – because too many Momentum people believe it’s not necessary and that it’s wrong in itself.  

    Then Owen Jones asks how do we get the membership mobilised – and I really feel that one cos we needed people on the doorsteps in Derby & Nottingham in May, and all over for the European referendum.
    Persuading people who might not agree with us, so that we can shape the future of the country.
    Cos that’s what a political party created by the trade unions to gain representation in Parliament – following Taff Vale – does.
    That’s what we do.

    South Wales of course, is where Owen Smith comes from.
    Part of my family now live in Wales and my nephew in particular was very excited when he first heard that Owen Smith might stand.
    Owen is a fresh face that makes it easier to wipe away the staleness that has overtaken us since the banks crashed the economy.
    Owen has announced plenty of policy that makes it very hard to go back to the small nature of the Labour party in recent years.
    He is the recommended candidate by the majority of MPs.
    Including our Lilian.
    That’s why I’m supporting him and recommending him to you today.
    Please understand – there is something wrong with the Leadership of the Labour Party.
    We need change to avoid disaster.

  2. It is a sensible decision. Corbyn can’t even form a shadow cabinet. Corbyn was a nondescript back bencher and a serial voter against his own party. If he had any talent it would have been recognized and he would surely have risen through the ranks of the PLP. People who support him as a leader are deluded. The people of this country will never vote into power extremest party’s, be they of the left or right. His vision for the party is stuck in a time warp, militant tendency and the likes in the 1980’s. If this matter of leadership is not decided soon the Labour party is heading for oblivion.

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