Bridge ward monthly report 58

Another awful month regarding attacks on innocent bystanders.
As for Nottingham, Pride and Splendour were highlights; events featured too in The Meadows – at the library, at Queens Walk Rec and at the community gardens.
MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v160801 1257 aa1754h
Pleased to see award of Green Flag to Victoria Embankment for the first time.
A consultation on the introduction of a Junior Bike Track – for kids to rehearse road safety knowledge before going onto the roads – has begun.
Charging for parking was introduced and the erection of street light columns has begun.
A dramatic demolition on Arkwright Walk, but some disappointing news regarding the shop.
Checking out the Red Lion at the Local Studies Library found an improbable attempt to re-name the Narrow Marsh.
Nationally, Lilian Greenwood’s statement on working with Jeremy Crobyn triggered reaction and reference.  I am supporting Owen Smith for leader of the Labour Party.

1704 matters raised.


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