Ill equipped

After seeing Britain vote Conservative in 2015, cos it was frightened about Scotland; and then see Britain vote Leave cos it was frightened about Europe, I feel very ill equipped to offer advice to Americans about how to defeat a Donal Trump campaign built on fear.
Michael Moore actually kinda predicts a Donald Trump victory – I say kinda cos he’s promising to say how to stop it next week.  He cites 5 reasons but doesn’t pick up on the influence of talk radio channels that are feeding the anti-politics paranoia.
Happened to watch the Bernie Sanders speech to the Democrat convention live (and catch the tail end of the Elizabeth Warren) and think it must just must be the most bizarre experience.  Having to make sure you say the things than have to be said and know that so many will pour over the details- so you have to read. But you’re in front of a huge crowd, some of them not fully on board, and you can’t interact with them, especially those shouting from the front rows.
What’s most striking is the lack of confidence the convention sets up – even Bernie seemed to have to shout. (Liked Warren’s line – ‘that wall will never be built’.)
Missed Michele Obama’s speech.
Elsewhere, Barack Obama has expressed concern about what Trump’s campaign is doing to the country.

I thought by now a line and length on dealing with Trump would have been developed.
But we’re way beyond the hopes of “The West Wing” now. A major theme of which was politis beng noble.
I’d say do more to defend politics as the defining feature of a free society, and prompt people to think about themselves rather than attack others.
Be noble, America!
Be noble!
But, who are Brits to offer advice to Americans on politics?


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