Splendour in Nottingham 2016

Pleased to see Stiff Little Fingers at Splendour today. Immensley cheering. Had this vague idea that I’d seen Stiff Little Fingers on my 19th birthday at the Birmingham Odeon, but it transpires it was 2 days later. But the memories were strong and they opened up with “inflammable material” and I was kinda saying “hey, that’s really nice”
Human League started well, thought the costumes were a bit odd; was able to leave before the inevitable more commercial ending.
UB40 – I’d hoped for hearing the political stuff, and they did open with “Present Arms”; but I should have known; can happily concede the crowd loved it. It was odd that that the sound mixing let the singing be so swallowed up.
The Rifles started pleasant enough and am a bit sorry that I couldn’t get to the early acts, cos it’s part of the appeal.
Hot and sunny this year – odd that I’d forgotten that it had rained in previous years.

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