Victoria Embankment wins Green Flag

Victoria Embankment and Meadows Recreation Ground has been awarded a Green Flag for the first time.
Queens Walk Recreation Ground has been awarded a Green Flag again.
Thanks go to staff and to all the partners who contributed.
IMG_1374ab0222h VE playing equipment area
Meanwhile, I walked the Embankment – only to find it was closed in preparation for a 5k run. Some points –
–  there is news of a proposal to develop the Old Toll Bridge pub site, but we wait to hear what is actually submitted;
– the parking of vehicles on the grass, and that includes the main grounds, now contravenes parking regulations, which can be enforced, and not just during typical working hours;
– next best time to repair patches in the grass is in October; however, can expect turf to be laid around the pavilion within a few weeks; 
– paddling pool has been closed for cracks to be repaired; probably need to re-paint the metalwork soon – perhaps early Autumn; might need to check bin provision in the area;
– lighting columns expected to be installed over the next 2 weeks (or so); 
– phone calls to officers seeking help with RINGGO are now starting to drop off;  there are 25 million people registered with RINGGO, so this should be OK, but the next few weeks will be the time to assess actual impact against the desired aims;  (Note the County Hall annexe is to be demolished from October onwards, so that may well change demand for parking – either way); 
– original flood wall; any views on how this wall should work now it is not a flood defence – should we introduce more gaps?
– a reminder that my belief is that parking for events should be directed around The Meadows, so as to enter and leave by Victoria Embankment, from the west;  postcode is NG2 2GJ;
– I understand Bean-by-the-river cafe is doing well.

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