OMTRA public meeting July 2016

28 attended OMTRA’s public meeting.  A range of issues covered –
– support for the proposed cycle track on Victoria Embankment for kiddies to learn road sense on a mini road network, off road;
– Cllr. Jane Urquhart attended to discuss the aim to see more housing built in the city, to get private housing landlords to behave better and to help OMTRA’s aims to reduce empty housing;
– the Police reported crime down on last month, and surprised the meeting by reporting there had been no local reports of hate crime;
– action is planned on speeding along Robin Hood Way;
– a discussion about shopping at Bridgeway centre, and a realisation that 4 shops had been refitted recently;
– concern about availability of Hackney carraiges to train passengers using the railway station.
OMTRA had advertised the meeting with their newsletter; a bit disappointing that too much of the meeting was taken up with 2 members of the public just wanting a personal conversation in public, rather than help the meeting flow.

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