Mel Read’s plastic bags football XI

IMG_1248ab0840h team setup analysis BEST
Controversy as it came to light that 13 of the then Nottingham MEP’s plastic shopping bags, published in 1995, were never used as intended and instead served as exemplifiers of good football to the then struggling English scene.

Initial perception is that they seem fairly relaxed about England’s Euro 2016 set-up.
But look closer, and you’ll see –
– the centre-halves represented by the more crumpled bags;
– the centre-forward is shown facing the wrong way;
– the two marked bags are reserved to represent the goalkeeper and the assistant manager.
Kinda stinging for those of us who like Tottenham Hotspur and support Shrewsbiry Town.
IMG_1250ab1033h free kick analysis BEST
The initial assessment of the set-up for “that” free-kick in the 87th minute is also quite complimentary.
Two bunches of players at different lengths and angles doesn’t seem a bad idea at all.
But look, and again the centre-forward is shown upside-down and the football – represented by a push-pad battery-powered wall light – is shown where the goal-line extra official normally stands.
“Don’t use such an official as the target for a cross” says the non-biodegradable critics.
Overall, they believe the errors of England teams from previous competitions has been repeated, but are pessimistic that the English FA will have the imagination to appoint them to a coaching role.
And anyway, the former MEP wants her bags back.


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