Bridge ward monthly report 57

Just the most awful month.
Wet weather.  A referendum on the wrong issue and with the wrong result. An MP assassinated49 revellers at an LGBT club murdered.

British politics is in a maelstrom as Prime Minister who played politics with race (London Mayor) and membership of the European Union now has to resign.
The country will spend 2 years or more focussed on things international, when we need more done at the local level.
There is fear over increased hate crime.

On matters less serious, England crashed out to Iceland in Euro 2016, in a new way, based on the tradition of not being able to control the ball.

A terrific art display at Welbeck school.
Nice to see some lads enjoying life.
IMG_1226ac0358h lads 67ma9ftjcm765si9l0in5sdd24267355.jpg-final
And the strawberry moon was a special sight.

We end this month remembering the Battle of the Somme, 100 years ago, when so many were killed, this time cos the British officers weren’t as good as the French.

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