An occasionally toxic atmosphere

“An occasionally toxic atmosphere is in danger of shutting down free speech within the Party rather than facilitating it”

c.f. reading Facebook tonight
c.f. the launch of the report which was to be part of the healing process following the accusations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.
And someone, a new member of the Labour Party for four weeks, gets into the launch, stands to the side of the room and accuses an MP, whose emotions are raw on all the controversy this issue has involved, of “conspiracy”.
Oh, he wasn’t Momentum! Oh, he didn’t know hte MP was Jewish!
So the national media coverage is a set-up.
Missing the point of the launch that toxic nehaviour shuts down free speech.

Then a Facebook friend of a friend calls Vernon Coaker MP a traitor and wants to know what Gedling Labour Party will do about it.
Yep, Vernon Coaker who won Gedling for Labour unexpectantly in 1997, and as held it, sometimes unexpectantly, ever since.

The hatred has to stop.

One thought on “An occasionally toxic atmosphere

  1. On s separate point – Jeremy Corbyn may well have missed what was going on at teh launch, but I can understand that cos he was at the podium and who is to say he realised fully what was happening.
    But his prepared speech compared Israel and Isis in a way that invited doubt, even if it was not the way he intended it to be heard. But if you are national party leader, your words will be scrutinised.
    This, at the launch of a report that could offer a fresh start.

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