We get the national football our punditry deserves

Joe Hart comes from Shrewsbury and I wanted him more than anyone to have a successful tournament.
Yet his record is 5 shots to save, 4 goals conceded (CHECK).
Lee Dixon opined that he was too pumped up – just look how he’d sung the national anthem with too much gusto.
Just when does the nonsense stop?

I had hopes for Roy Hodgson’s team cos of the qualifications and the youthful talent; they wanted to attack and they were high-tempo.
But in the tournament, this led to an inabilty to create quality chances.  Poor accuracy with shooting, poor decision making on when to shoot and overhit crosses and long balls.

And against Iceland, the old failings came back – the inability to control the ball under pressure.

The pundits were doing their nut.
Two years ago, Chris Waddle ranted about England’s football team and said we need to look to youngsters.
Tonight, half-time of volume 25, episode 4, on Radio 5, he said “define youngster”.  Haddaway and …
But the pundits are stuck in a rut.  Wanting it to be about sports pyschology and overlooking skills.

Final irony – all that praise for Leicester City, and we’re beaten in a tournament by a special teams football team from a country whose population is the size of Leicester city municipality.


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