Lost opportunity for thinking

“After the spectacular failure of the “mainstream” candidates last year, Labour’s centre-right should have earned its way back into contention with a fundamental rethink. Sadly, it hasn’t done that.”
– The Guardian.
Not really sure who the centre-right is, but a number of people who could have done some hard thinking have not.
Such colleagues are not neo-liberals – they were most decidedly public spenders when in power.
They could have said time for change and owned it. Loads of things that they could easily claimed were in their tradition.
I was gonna write something more considered by now that picked up on the concerns from the doorsteps, including –
– “get back control”, or “no taxation without representation” – local representative democracy and local education authorities when it’s obvious academies are not what they could have hoped;
– private landlord sector sucking up huge public subsidy and in return providing a much poorer service than council housing;
– homes for all rather than letting property owners sit on empty properties;
– making jobs secure again; rather than low-hours contracts, agencies etc.

I’m not against being pragmatic. I just think pragamatic should consist of a more equal society, recycling money in a local economy, involving people in providing services, ensuring jobs are secure and well paid enough to allow proper family living, investing in greener homes rather than a power plant in Somerset that still may never happen. As for 35% top tax rates, outdated thinking and irrelevant to the cries from working people issued on Thursday.

An image being circulated in favour of Jeremy Corbyn, a man; a man on his own; almost kinda art deco; those chimneys certainy evoke a certain era, but not this one; and what about that hat.
If only the people signing petitions and “liking” facebook had done something on the doors in the last 10 weeks.
We would have noticed.

Michael Edwards's photo.

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