Committing £350m per week to the NHS is withdrawn.
“Nobody said that they’d spend the £350million a week on the NHS” https://t.co/uu7Uhphrsp (Meanwhile Cornwall, having voted 53% to LEAVE now wants guarantees on the current £60m it gets from the EU, even though LEAVE was pledging money to the NHS instead.)
Claims on ability to cut immigration is withdrawn.
There’s been a run on the pound and the value of pensions and ISAs etc. has fallen.
One organisation has now downgraded Britain’s credit rating to negative.
David Cameron has announced he will step down as Prime Minister in September – which a number of Labour voters may well have decided was their rationale all along.
However, Britain is facing some ridicule as it turns out there’s been significant google traffic from  here to find out what the EU actually is – something I also witnessed – “I thought it was about asylum seekers“.
The first minister of Scotland has called for another independence referendum.
On a similar theme – Sinn Fein have made a fresh call for a united Ireland, and Spain have called for joint sovereignty of Gibralter.  (and Calais have called for the border to be returned to Dover.)
And woefully underwhelming senior Labour party members have called for a no confidence vote in Jeremy Corbyn – and I’m not the greatest fan, but have these people listened to themselves recently?

Too early to say what has happened fully, so more anon.
But for now – So much to say, but there is a point to bear in mind, and that is to reflect on why we lost.
And then to fashion a response that is democratic Socialist, collectivist, internationalist and green, and of the current age.


One thought on “Fallout

  1. This referendum to most people was about immigration. Governments of all colours have failed in their response to citizens concerns about immigration. Too much immigration, a strain on the NHS and schools, local areas changing beyond recognition. And yet when concerns were raised they were fobbed of as racist’s and the like. Cameron knew he could never get immigration down to the ‘tens of thousands.’ Some places in the east, Boston, Great Yarmouth have experienced massive changes of population and the problems that go with this. The EU referendum was a handy cat to kick for people with concerns about immigration..Irrational? Maybe but people were desperate to be heard. So I would say that the Parties at Westminster are all to blame for the result of the referendum through their inaction or even to admit that we had certain problems with immigration. Please don’t see this as a rant about immigrants, it is not. I have been involved with language groups at the central library helping immigrants to learn English. I am just calling it as I see it.

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