Nottingham vigil for Orlando Pulse

OMS Orlando vigil ab0401h.png

Spoke as a Nottingham City Councillor and pointed out the rainbow flag flying at half-mast over The Council House.
Tried to say –
– that the progress since the seventies (when I was a teenager) had been huge, when the prejudice is now unspeakable, that I’d witnessed pain and hurt during the eighties (people coming to me with concerns as a staff rep), and that Vernon Coaker MP had only just said at the Jo Cox vigil that we thought the battle was over cos people didn’t care what you were any more (and – that government is now on LGBT’s side – and yet we have this tragedy;
– that hate crime is a challenge (instances in The Meadows since Paris), the arrogance behind the assassination of Jo Cox MP and the worry about what Britain might be like post referendum;
– congratulated people on organising the vigil.
Just not thay sure it came across that clearly – hadn’t rehearsed the arguments at all.

Others have been said to speak emotionally, but more than that, they spoke eloquently with points that were clearly thought through and telling.

A common theme – what a horrible week.

vigil for the victims of the attack on the Orlando LGBT community takes place at Speakers Corner at 8pm.

There was a write-up in the Nottingham Post.

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