Planning committee June 2016

62 new flats proposed for Traffic Street. 1465998228922182
A bit of interest in the building design – and I, slightly tongue-in-check, suggested the addition of some Art Deco go-faster stripes.
Approved, with a slight check on the brick colour.
I am slightly worried about a development that is fenced off – it will change the feel of a place (and will be hard for Councillors to serve), but hey.
Some of this was picked up by the Nottingham Post journalist, who runs a live blog these days on the Planning committee, and of course what that tells me is I need to rehearse my comments a bit more.

Especially when it came to the Castle Conservation Management Plan.
Was a bit sweeping and over-stated.

Meanwhile, worth noting that the sponsors of a children’s education centre withdraw that application for 79 Holgate Road and maybe now it’s understood that however worthy the cause, a constrained place that has challenges suitably adapting to meeting equalities requirements, and would introduce problems with children being droppoed off and picked up by car.  Someof the objections however seemed out of place – I have never doubted the earnest nature of the sponsors’ ambition.   Just find the right location in The Meadows.


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