I support REMAIN.
It’s the economy we’re going to have to sort if we vote to LEAVE.

Yet some weeks on, and people are still trying to scare us about the others, including Turkey, and the other countries hoping to join.

IMG_1109ab0527h EU literature

Now Albania has been isolated for too long.  Not good.

Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia joining the European Union would cap off all that has been done to bring peace to the countries of that once made Yugoslavia.  Surely that would be good.

Aaah! But Turkey is much bigger and Muslim!  And look – it’s next to Syria and Iraq!  As the LEAVE leaflet poins out.  Scary!

So why do I like Turkey?


Answer 1:  I  love the food at the Antalya restaurant.

Took my Australian relatives there when they visited.  [Perhaps not a big enough argument.]

Answer 2: They’re one of 2 footballing nations I saw play at the City Ground in 1996.

The fans were great – enthusiastic and well-behaved.

[Yeah, but they still lost.]

Answer 3:  I would like to travel there some day, to see their famous contributions to humanity.

Turkey is a democratic,, secular, unitary, constitutional republic with a diverse cultural heritage.

[Yeah, but who has ever advocated them joinging the European Union.?]

Boris Johnson Turkey EU ab0499hAnswer 4: Boris Johnson once advocated Turkey joining the European Union.

Boris Johnson once actually advocated Turkish entry into the European Union cos of the bolder and wider benefits.

[He’s changed his mind. And what has Turkey ever done for Nottingham?]

Answer 5: Gave us our coat of arms!

OK. Potentially an over-statement.

But it seems somewhere along the line, Nottingham was very inspired by Saint / Empress Helen(a).

“an important figure in the history of Christianity and the world due to her major influence on her son and her own contribution in placing Christianity at the heart of Western Civilization. She is traditionally credited with a pilgrimage to Syria Palaestina, during which she is claimed to have discovered the True Cross.”

Nottingham arms1898Colchester sma_Coat_of_armsCos our shield of a cross from 2 staves and 3 crowns is very similar to Colchester’s – they have the addition of nails.

And it’s a celebration of her quest to collect artifacts from the crucifixion and from the Three Kings.

Quite why Nottingham has this crest seems to be shrouded in mystery, but at its most optimistic, it says Coel was once king of the Britons, and Helena was his daughter.  However Wikipedia has Helen(a) born in what is now Turkey, and identified with what is now Turkey.

So back to Answer 0: vote REMAIN because our jobs, our economy, and unity depends on it.

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