English drinkers in disturbances in France; fascists waving a UKIP banner in a (tiny) protest in Nottingham city centre; an unusual leaflet labelled “christian soldiers”.

It would be wrong to say   –  LEAVE = football fan thugery;  UKIP = fascism;  Christianity = LEAVE.

It would be fair to say –
– we need to understand what’s gone wrong in Marseilles, including within the stadium cos I’m surprised separation of Russian fans was weaker than what I witness in the third tier of English football; (a charge through seating is very difficult to get away from);
– the attempted fascist rally in Nottingham was tiny;
– some people have shared weirder stuff than that on Facebook with me, about Muslims in particular.

Some great stuff to put things in a proper context.
Including a plea from the Welsh – “Now can we not have all the photo’s coming out of Marseille being labelled as British please.”
and this –




One thought on “Misrepresentation

  1. I’m afraid that the England fans reputation goes before them. I went to the WC in Germany in 2006. I saw very little trouble. The only confrontation I saw was between German and Polish fans. Personally I would be more concerned about citizens of this country going abroad to train as ISIS killers and returning to the UK as suicide bomber’s. Let’s get things into perspective.

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