Living in your parents’ garage

All the facts and earnestness and then Johnny Vegas joins in –

Leaving Europe is like telling your parents you want independence, and then you move into the garage“.

It’s true that there’s a more earnest way of explaining the options if we vote for LEAVE –
Four options are shown.  Three require us to still contribute to the EU budget, and have no say in shaping the EU laws that we would still be bound to, whilst still allowing the free movement of people.
The fourth means no EU contribution, requires us to pay significantly increased trade tariffs.

Now, on the cotribution that LEAVE says is £350m a week, and can be spent on the NHS, half of that money is already allocated.
IMG_0061ab1036h blog post on eu contibutions
Whatever’s left will be swallowed up by the cost of LEAVE negotiations, demands from businesses for help cos of loss of trade and the loss of revenue from tax revenue.

But maybe this misses the point.  If it’s about our identity, then why can’t we be English and European?  And British.  And Nottingham.

Or maybe it’s about the dog whistles.  The fear of others.  People who speak a different language on the train.  Our women at risk from Turkish immigrants.
An appeal is made to say Britain can be big enough to be on its own, knowing so many people are not big enough to cope with fear of others.

Like management of our borders.  LEAVE and we have to manage our border with Ireland in a new way, and arrangements that currently exist at Calais will have to be managed in Dover.

And who’s to say we will remain as Britain?  Scottish Nationalists will push for another referendum is we LEAVE.

Then there’s jobs.  There are a number of East Midlands firms here that supply Europe, some of who were persuaded to be sited here cos Britain was committed to the European Union.  Too much uncertainty for those firms, the jobs they provide, and that of those of their supply change.

Co-operation on the environment, climate change, rights, health & safety and more.

This is my earnest explanation of why I will support REMAIN. There are plenty of others.

But who’s want to compete with Johnny Vegas.


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