Notts Police and Crime Panel June 2016

My first meeting and the first after Paddy Tipping’s re-election as Police Commissioner.
And it was a robust one.

But first some congratulations to Paddy for his victory with a bigger share, when Labour’s national rating was much lower. Still, points to be made about turnout, except next PCC election will coincide with the General Election.  But returning to County Hall reminded me of how much more power and say we had as County Councillors back in 1993 when I was first elected as a representative and joined the Police Committee.

The main controversy was over the abolition of the City Police Division – except there’s been no re-organisation yet.  There was quite an exchange as we tried to establish what had happened and when, and who knew and who’s been asked.  Questions also over when are re-organisations strategic and when are they operational.

But before that, points about whether are things are going wrong more generally, with inspectors over-stretched and partnership working & community consultation possibly not working so well.

It’s clear cuts are a threat to the quality of service,  even if crime rates are falling faster in Nottingham than any other city.  There’s been recent stabbings, and even a murder last week.  My theme was to test if we are back to where we were in 1993 when shootings in Ashforth Street started events that led to big problems in 2003.

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