More progress notes

NEWS  +  Consultation on parking changes letter out on 17th June + Victoria Embankment parking changes starts 1st July + Consultation on play equipment for The Green has started

IMG_0052ab0463h Race for Life 2016.png
Arrangements for Nottingham Race for Life – Sunday 5th June

Main issues remain – not enough regular, secure and properly paid jobs; reductions in social security, particularly for the disabled; private landlords who don’t provide a full service and even keep properties empty, unused and sometimes even open to the elements.  More recently, we’ve seen more tipping, some more serious crimes (sometimes not reported directly to the Police) and other nuisance such as riders of powered two-wheelers using pavements and other forbidden areas. 

The residents of the New Meadows have been frustrated by employees from outside The Meadows deciding to use their streets from parking – letters for the legal part of the process to introduce residents parking permits should reach people circa 17th June and include some double yellow lines proposals as well.  Take the opportunity to check the proposals for your neighbourhood and suggest any refinements (or even just express support). The same letters cover permits for Lamcote Grove and around; and protection of junctions for the estate facing the park (off Wilford Grove).

Works for lighting the Victoria Embankment carriageway have begun; and charging for parking more than 2 hours is now set to begin on 1st July.  The aim is to protect parking for those wanting to visit businesses near Trent Bridge and park users, so it’s free for 2 hours.  If commuters continue to insist on using it, their payments will go towards the upkeep of the park. 

Arrangements for the Robin Hood Marathon should avoid The Meadows being totally cut off to traffic.  Parking will be via the gate at The Meadows Cricket Pavilion – NG2 2GJ – and the way in and out of the event will only be via Riverside Way and Victoria Embankment.  The race will be run along London Road and Meadows Way East. 

There are now four artificial cricket pitches at the Meadows Recreation Ground.  Even though it’s called a cricket pavilion, it is a myth that it won’t support football outside of the cricket season, but its main purpose then will be to support junior football. 

Construction of new council housing in the west of The Meadows is well underway.  Demolition around Blackstone Walk is completed and demolition of Arkwright Walk has begun; and developer’s proposals have been shared at meetings.  Ditto Wilford Crescent East.  


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