Street Cricket at Meadows Cricket Pavilion

F jump qhaeihkloujucl9q8jf9smcun7476279.jpg-final
Fielding …
E pavilion qhaeihkloujucl9q8jf9smcun7204898.jpg-final
Batting …
G catch qhaeihkloujucl9q8jf9smcun7600311.jpg-final
“A Chance to Shine.”
Trent Bridge Cricket Trust and Notts County Cricket getting kids, including from The Meadows, interested in playing cricket.
“A great day at Victoria Embankment for the Chance to Shine street cricket launch, with Samit Patel as special guest”
Exercises included using a machine to measure bowling speed.

As I recall, the girl pictured pondering had never picked up a cricket bat.  By the end of the session, she was hitting every ball I bowled – yep, I am that bad a bowler.  La de da.
Note the post code of the pavilion is actually NG2 2GJ.



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