Leave Alone

WP_20160602_19_55_16_Pro ab0471h Remain poster
Tempting to tease opponents for their lack of friends etc. when they are campaigning alone, but many political activists have had moments when they’ve had to hack it alone.
A LEAVE campaigner was meeting people at Bridgeway Centre and approached a community activist and I as we were talking about current local concerns and challenges.
“I’m REMAIN, but please – talk to the Councillor”.
Now wary, the LEAVE camaigner explained he was on a personal tour of neighbourhoods near the tram lines.
He had the grace to acknowledge that he’d prefer the LEAVE campaign to talk about the net contribution figure to the EU rather than £350m per week.
He also listened when I said expediture on the NHS was already the result of national decisions, most particularly the General Elections.  Condemning racism – “cheap” – my criticism would be that he tended to be quick to reduce stories to the various national groups; from West Bridgford, he made Nottingham seem like some kind of other world.
His assessment of support on his travels- twice as many LEAVE as REMAIN.
Meanwhile, our numbers continue to be good – we’re just worrying abot the rest of the country.
And yeah, some criticism of the campaigner, but I’d quickly add that political activsts calling other political actvisists is a zero-sum game, cos what people hear is none of us are trustworthy.


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